Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Adventure and How You Can Make It Possible

         Hallo! My name is Margot Mantle and I hail from Nevada City, California. I’m currently a sophomore at Nevada Union High school but next school year (2011) I hope to spend it in Iceland with the help of the American Field Service (AFS) intercultural student exchange program. 
There are so many reasons why I want to go abroad, especially to Iceland. One being the amazing experiences I will have on my trip. I will leave the states being a cultural greenhorn and by the end of the year will be packed with knowledge and experience that I’ll be able to share with everyone back home. Whenever I say that I’m going abroad to Iceland people always ask, “Why Iceland? Why not Argentina or Spain or some other Spanish speaking Country?” Well Spanish speaking Countries are amazing and I’m sure I would have the time of my life there but Iceland has been sort of calling to me for a while now. I’ve fallen in love with everything Icelandic and I haven’t even gotten there yet! My life will forever be changed for the better by my participation in the AFS program.
In return for this chance to expand my horizon I will openly speak about the benefits of going abroad in support of the AFS program. Enjoying other cultures is extremely important and everyone should at least have that window of opportunity open to them. The love of other Countries I have is a love that should be shared.
To help with the expenses of my trip I have been cleaning houses and have received my baby sitting license. I have also encouraged my friends and family to instead of purchasing a gift for my birthday or any gift giving holiday, to instead donate money to my cause and help with the heavy financial load. If you would like to sponsor my journey to Iceland please click the ChipIn button on my blog. Your donation would be  held in my highest regards and if you would be so inclined to forward this on to anyone who is also in support of the going abroad experience that would be greatly appreciated as well! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and help my dreams of Iceland become a treasured reality. 

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